About Us

Welcome to Platinum Reign,Inc. We are a media corporation based in Tacoma, Washington. Founded in 2004, Platinum Reign is a full scale media service encompassing audio production, video production, apparel manufacturing, and graphic design. Vaunted for our music development services, Platinum Reign provides placement services for producers and songwriters, along with highly specialized solutions for artists and career development.

Platinum Reign works with a wide variety of artists and music genres. Our services helped to create the hit "Forever" written and performed by Clem Rashad featuring Kurupt as well as "Fly" performed by Nicki Minaj. Platinum Reign has also been involved with the independent film industry. Produced by Henry McComas, Platinum Reign co-produced and hosted the screening of the Crooked Lake Productions' short film, Emerald City, starring Terance Tucker & Darrick Mosely.